About Us

Behaviorist.com was founded by Emily Cummings and Jimmy Cho, two passionate educators. Having so much time in the education system, specifically in special education, we were quickly introduced to a huge problem around the lack of inclusion that exists for kids that have special needs.

It’s a very big problem to try to solve, but one of the gaps is a simple lack of foundational information. There’s a lot to learn about special education, and it can be a tough path to navigate for the students, teachers, and parents.

That’s where Behaviorist.com comes in. We’re here to inform you about everything special education.

Meet Emily

I’m a mom of two crazy, amazing, independent, little feminists. They bring so much light to my life and a lot less sleep. Since becoming a mother and increasingly in the last year, I’ve witnessed parents struggling to connect with their child’s special education team with no success. I’ve become more aware of the gaps in our public school system and how parents may benefit from empowerment and advocacy tools.

My work experiences range from a juvenile detention center to an autism specialist in the Issaquah School District and a special education teacher in a self-contained program in the Lake Washington School District. My master’s in teaching focused on special education and behavioral disorders from Seattle Pacific University. I completed my BCBA coursework from Montana State University.

Meet Jimmy

I worked in public education for 13 years. I spent 7 of those years as an elementary school music teacher and 6 as a building principal and associate principal. I received my undergraduate degree from The University of Washington in Education and Jazz Studies. My graduate degree was from Seattle Pacific University in Educational Leadership and a Principal Certification.

During my time working as a building administrator, I experienced the highs and lows of what our current educational systems provide to special education. My greatest joy was working collaboratively with students, families, and school staff in supporting the diverse and individual needs of our students with disabilities. I take great pride to this day in transitioning a self-contained special education program in my first year as principal to our school and building a strong and capable team of dedicated professionals that worked tirelessly to support our student and family needs.