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Best ParaPro Practice Tests

If you’re anything like me, you HATE taking tests! Unfortunately, they’re unavoidable. I’m the kind of person that likes to feel prepared and be prepared. I don’t like walking into something completely in the dark.

The cost to take the REAL ParaPro Assessment is around $50 to $100. Of course, that’s assuming you pass it the first time or don’t have something happen last minute that forces you to have to reschedule. Yep, there’s a fee to reschedule.

As a special education teacher and autism program specialist, I’ve worked with hundreds of paraprofessionals over my career. For most people, myself included, it’s been forever since I took a test let alone exercised those reading, writing, and math muscles from grade school. In my experience, the best thing is to do some studying, practice, and feel confident and be prepared going into the testing day.

Free ParaPro Practice Tests Vs. Paid

Before we dive in, I want to address the elephant in the room. Why pay for something when you can have it for free? Well, often there are trade offs and different people need different things. The best part about free is you don’t pay for anything. The bad part is that you often get something of low quality or you get a small amount of something great and it’s never enough.

I’ve waded through all the options and narrowed it down to the best parapro practice tests out there. I’ll show you the top options for both free and paid products and highlight the details of each practice test so you can make the best decision for your situation.

The Top 7 Best ParaPro Practice Tests & Preparation Courses

  1. Study.com – Most Organized Preparation Curriculum
  2. Mometrix – Best User Experience Program
  3. Teachers Test Prep – Best for Visual and Auditory Learners
  4. Prepterminal – Best Value for Preparation Needs
  5. UGOprep – Best Preparation for Testing Environment and Conditions
  6. Educational Testing Service – Best for Lean and Minimal Preparation Needs
  7. ExamEdge – Most Practice Content and Materials

#1. Study.com – Most Organized Preparation Curriculum

Study.com is great if you’re someone that needs and wants structure and organization. The content is organized into 15 chapters focusing on the three core content areas of reading, writing, and math.

Each chapter is then divided into anywhere between six to eleven lessons that focus on a specific skill related to the core content area.

The lessons that involve trickier concepts come with instructional videos. This is super helpful as the instructors on the video do a great job of not only explaining the concepts, but going through examples to help you with understanding how to apply the concepts.

I really like how Study.com sequentially broke down each skill into easily digestible lessons. It gives you a sense of accomplishment each day. Plus, there’s a quiz at the end of each lesson that helps you quickly understand if you’re ready to move on, or if reviewing the material one more time might be best.

As you can see from the picture above, the flow of the curriculum is straightforward and simple. Study.com has really put their content in an easy to follow and sequential format. You pretty much just follow it from top to bottom until mastery!

The core content materials and lessons are exactly what you need to be prepared to take the ParaPro Assessment.

Study.com has a great blend and balance of how they deliver content to you. Thinking about how different people learn, they make sure that their curriculum includes written and visual parts. There’s also plenty of practice tests and quizzes that give you your progress right away so you know how you’re doing.

This is a self-paced program, so you dictate the speed at which you go. Along with the organization and quality of content, the fact that you can go at your own pace can be a great thing. But it can also work against you if you aren’t diligent about keeping up with a study schedule. 

Like many other programs in this review, Study.com is a monthly subscription. That means you can end up spending a lot of money if you’re a procrastinator!

However, if that isn’t you, Study.com’s platform would definitely be helpful in preparing you for the ParaPro Assessment.

Study.com’s Praxis ParaPro Assessment: Practice & Study Guide Course costs $59.99 plus taxes if applicable per month. You’ll be billed monthly and they currently have a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the program and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

#2. Mometrix – Best User Experience Program

Mometrix hands down has the best user experience out of all the programs I’ve reviewed. What exactly does that mean? I’ll use a very extreme example. Mometrix’s program is like using a 2022 MacBook Pro whereas other prep programs are like using a 1989 Nintendo Gameboy. Oops! Did I just date myself? 

I know some might argue that the way something looks on screen doesn’t matter, just as long as the content is great and the program works. Well, I can’t disagree more. I don’t know many people who are excited about studying materials they haven’t looked at since grade school. So we’re talking about spending hours doing something that we’re not really looking forward to. 

Now imagine doing that on a screen where it’s hard to read, you have to work to find what you need, and the video, if they even have one, looks like something from a 1989 Nintendo Gameboy!

What I love most about Mometrix is that their videos are clear, the materials you need for that lesson are easily accessible for you, and the content on the computer screen is well spaced out so it’s easier to digest.

Mometrix isn’t just a pretty face. The quality of their content and materials are spot on. They cover all the need-to-know core content areas of reading, writing, and math so you’ll be well prepared to take on that ParaPro Assessment.

Mometrix’s preparation program is very similar to Study.com’s in that they have lessons, videos, practice questions and tests, progress monitoring and flashcards.

From a content and materials standpoint, I would put the two programs at even. Where Mometrix edges out Study.com is in the quality of how they deliver their content and materials to the user. Again, easily digestible and well presented on screen.

Mometrix is another program among many that is self-directed and is subscription based. So again, the danger here is that procrastination can lead to this being very costly.

Mometrix makes my list because their high quality content, strong organization of curriculum, and variety of learning materials are accessible and delivered through an easily digestible user format.

Mometrix ParaPro Assessment: Test Preparation and Practice Test Program costs $59.99 plus taxes if applicable per month. You’ll be billed monthly and they currently have a seven day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the program. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

#3. Teachers Test Prep – Best for Visual and Auditory Learners

One of the most important things outside of being able to access quality content and materials is understanding what kind of learner you are. So, it wouldn’t matter if you have a 200 page book that tells you exactly everything you need to know about the test if you aren’t going to read it. Or, let’s say you do read it but you don’t understand it and the struggle is REAL.

Have you ever bought that 200 page study guide only to have it sit on your desk as a glorified paper weight? Yep, me too!

You might be a visual and auditory learner. That means you’re the kind of person who learns best by seeing and hearing information. If that’s the case, Teachers Test Prep’s program is for you. They use video instruction as their main approach to teaching the core concepts you need to know for the ParaPro Assessment. 

The instructional videos on Teachers Test Prep are called, Core Videos. Each video has a teacher directly teaching you the knowledge you need to know.

There are other videos called Test Tutoring Videos where an instructor is breaking down each of the practice test questions. You’ll likely want to watch these videos after taking the practice test that comes with this program. The instructors do a great job of explaining the strategies for attacking each question and breaking things down for you so you can understand the skills and concepts involved.

Teachers Test Prep gives you some choices on the duration of access to the course materials, as well as the amount of materials you can access. You could say they offer ala carte style menus as you can pick and choose how much and from which menus you choose from.

Everything that I mentioned about Teachers Test Prep above was at the Quick Core level. There are two sore spots that stick out for me. At this subscription level, you only have access to the materials for two weeks. It’s perfect if that’s all you need. But, if it’s not enough, you’ll end up shelling out more money. The second sore spot is that this is one of the more expensive overall programs out there. I’ll go into more detail about cost further below.

In my opinion, the best value with Teachers Test Prep is subscribing to their, Core Plus package. At this level, you get everything from the Quick Core level and:

  • Six months of access to the content and materials
  • An additional full-length practice test – two test total
  • Additional test tutoring videos that go with the additional full-length practice test
  • A guarantee – if you don’t pass the ParaPro Assessment, you can choose a full refund or get extended support

Be sure to read the Teachers Test Prep Guarantee page carefully as they do have guidelines and restrictions. 

Before I finish by going over the pricing structure for Teacher Test Prep, I was surprised to see that they offer an online or if available, a live tutoring package. I have to admit that I didn’t go as far as trying this package out as there would be no way I could work with every one of their tutors to provide an accurate and updated review.

One-on-one tutoring is a powerful learning tool. The ability to have access to someone immediately to provide instruction and feedback can be priceless. Well, maybe not priceless but Teacher Test Prep starts one-on-one tutoring at $205 per core subject area. 

This is their Golden Apple level. Included in this package is:

  • Six months of access
  • All features included with Quick Core and Core Plus
  • Live one-on-one tutoring – Two hours per subtest purchased. Personal tutoring is held online or can be in-person depending on availability and location dependent.

This is an expensive option but one that could be worth it if you’ve tried the self-study method and it’s just not working for you.

Teachers Test Prep ParaPro Assessment: Test Preparation and Practice Test Program has an ala carte menu. They are currently running a promotion that gives you a 20% when you buy two or more programs at once.

Each exam in the Quick Core costs $30. If you purchase all three core subject area exams, your cost would be $90 minus 20% for a total cost of $72 plus taxes if applicable. This is a one time purchase with access for two weeks.

Each exam in the Core Plus costs $45. If you purchase all three core subject area exams, your cost would be $135 minus 20% for a total cost of $108 plus taxes if applicable. This is a one time purchase with access for six months.

Each exam in the Golden Apple costs $205. If you purchase all three core subject area exams, your cost would be $615 minus 20% for a total cost of $492 plus taxes if applicable. This is a one time purchase with access for six months.

#4 Prepterminal – Best Value for Preparation Needs

For some people, paying for a subscription can be a lot of pressure. You feel like you have to get as much as possible within that period of time before they charge your credit card again. If you’re feeling this way, the subscription model is probably not the best for you.

Prepterminal is one of the few programs in this review where you pay one time and you have access to and own the content and materials. 

What I like about this is that you pay for something, and you own it. You’re able to access it anytime you want and never have to pay for it again. At a price point of $49.90, it’s a great value for what you get.

You get 19 test guides, as well as 34 practice tests across the three core content areas of reading, writing, and math.

When thinking about different kinds of learning styles, it’s important to note that there isn’t anything super fancy about Prepterminal’s program. It’s in fact very straightforward. There are no videos or media content of any kind.

It’s essentially a digital book with a digital practice testing format. 

This is no different than that 200 page book I mentioned earlier that you purchase with the best of intentions, only for it to sit on the desk never opened or read. Or at least, the digital version of that book.

I would recommend Prepterminal if you’re someone who learns best by reading through material on your own to learn and apply concepts. If not, there’s no point in going forward with the knowledge that Prepterminal offers the best value. Because for you, it wouldn’t.

Prepterminal ParaPro Assessment: Test Preparation and Practice Test Program is a ONE TIME cost of $49.90 plus taxes if applicable. A great choice if you need extended time preparing for the ParaPro Assessment and don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription fee.

#5. UGOprep – Best Preparation for Testing Environment and Conditions

UGOprep is another program that is about being straightforward and to the point when it comes to the ParaPro Assessment preparation. There are no instructional videos or media content here that comes with the standard package. They’ve put all their eggs into making their program and course mirror the ParaPro Assessment as best as possible.

What does this mean? Well for starters, the 500 plus practice questions are pretty much questions that have been or could be on the actual test.

I particularly think the practice tests are done very well because they format the structure and questions like the real ParaPro Assessment. They even add a timed function to their program so you can simulate the feel of being timed.

I wouldn’t be surprised if UGOprep had several of their employees take the ParaPro Assessment multiple times to get a feel for the real test, understand the formatting and structure, get a conceptual understanding on the kinds of questions they ask for each core content area, and use that information to develop their curriculum. Smart! Why not, right?

I have the same concerns with UGOprep as I do with Prepterminal. It’s a digital book with a digital practice testing format. 

I think you’re starting to understand that knowing your personal learning style is important. It doesn’t matter how good a product is or that you’re getting a steal of a deal with the price. If it doesn’t fit your strengths, it’s not going to be as effective.

Again, nothing fancy or shiny with UGOprep. You’re going to get a curriculum that is meant for people who learn best by reading the content and materials, then applying their knowledge.

The standout feature with UGOprep is you’re pretty much getting as close to the real test as possible without actually taking it, and it comes with explanations of all the questions.

UGOprep is a hybrid when it comes to how you access their curriculum. It’s a subscription model, but they do have a lifetime access subscription. Which basically means you own the content and materials. The price point for the three options are similar so you’ll have to pick the option that best meets your preparation needs and finances.

On the checkout page, you’ll be asked if you want to purchase one of three different access packages. The one month access is the default option. The other two choices come at an additional cost:

  • One Month Access = $49.99 plus taxes if applicable
  • Three Month Access = $59.99 plus taxes if applicable
  • Lifetime Access – $64.99 plus taxes if applicable

UGOprep offers another add-on feature at the checkout page, which is a 100 minutes of instructional math videos that cover algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, statistics, probability, and arithmetic. The additional charge for access to these videos is $9.99.

UGOprep ParaPro Assessment: Test Preparation and Practice Test Program costs $49.99 plus taxes if applicable for one month of access. Other access options and add ons are available. See above for details.

#6. Educational Testing Service, ETS – Best For Lean and Minimal Preparation Needs

ETS is one of the largest private nonprofit education testing and assessment organizations. They administer tens of millions of exams annually worldwide. Why am I telling you this? Well, because ETS is one of the major organizations that administers the actual ParaPro Assessment!

What do I like about their practice test and prep program? Simple. It’s pretty much the test. It’s made by the same company that administers the real test.

You get authentic questions that have been on previous tests and the format and structure of the practice test is pretty much identical to the real one. Like UGOprep, ETS also has a timed function to simulate the timed testing format of the real test.

What don’t I like about ETS? Although it comes with a low price point of $19.95, it’s only a 90 day subscription. For three months of access that seems like a great deal, but you only get one practice test.

You can retake that practice test as many times as you want during that 90 day period but it’ll always be the same questions and will always be in the same order. DO NOT repurchase the test as it will NOT give you different practice questions or a change of order.

I would only recommend ETS’s practice test if you’re feeling confident about the skills required in each of the core content areas of the ParaPro Assessment. ETS is great for someone looking to take a practice test a couple times to get the feel for what the testing conditions and format will be like and are less concerned with the content and materials of the test.

This is a great guide filled with information that would be helpful for you to know about the ParaPro Assessment that ETS provides. Check it out. Free test preparation materials.

ETS Praxis ParaPro Assessment: Test Preparation and Practice Test Program costs $19.95 plus taxes if applicable for a 90 day subscription.

#7. ExamEdge – Most Practice Content and Materials

ExamEdge brings the numbers! In terms of raw volume of content and materials, ExamEdge beats out all other programs.

What’s great about this? ExamEdge is another example of a program that cuts straight to the point. There’s no fancy videos or media content. They don’t have a huge curriculum with tons of lesson plans. ExamEdge brings the option of working with 20 different practice tests that each have 90 different questions. Each test comes with a guide that provides detailed explanations for each question.

This is what I call the, grind it out or rinse and repeat method. You learn best by doing something over and over again until it sticks. What I like about ExamEdge when it comes to this learning style is they’re the only program that offers enough access to their practice tests AND enough different practice tests to make this approach effective.

It’ll be hard work and you’ll spend a lot of time by yourself studying. But I have no doubt if you’re focused, consistent, and persistent this style of learning can work for you and ExamEdge can help!

Three low points did stick out to me that I want to share with you.

  1. The visuals and aesthetics – it’s not as bad as going back to that 1989 Nintendo Gameboy, but it’s very simple. Maybe that’s not a bad thing as functionally everything works the way it needs to. Just be warned that you might think you were playing Oregon Trail on an Apple II GS… arg, I need to stop dating myself!
  1. Access to practice tests – I know I mentioned that this was a high point and it still is. Just know that for each individual practice test you purchase access to, you can only access it four different times. Honestly, four separate times is likely more than enough. Just keep that in mind when you decide how many practice tests you want to purchase access to.
  2. Price point – ExamEdge offers four different choices, which I’ll list for you below. It can get pricey, especially when you think about point number two above – you can only access each practice test four times. I would encourage you to really think about your personal learning style. If having lots of practice examples, repetition, and application is for you, then keep reading! If not, go back up and take a look at some of the other programs in this review.

Here are the four different options you can choose from:

  • 20 Practice Tests for $163.00 plus taxes if applicable
  • 10 Practice Tests for $96.50 plus taxes if applicable
  • 5 Practice Tests for $56.75 plus taxes if applicable
  • 1 Practice Test for $21.95 plus taxes if applicable

ExamEdge ParaPro Assessment: Test Preparation and Practice Test Program costs $21.95 plus taxes if applicable for the one practice test option. Other options are available. See above for details.

How Do I Decide Which Preparation Program Is the Best for Me?

As I did the research for this article, I put my teacher hat on and really put myself in the position of the student, which would be you. I know there’s certain factors that I can’t account for that are unique to the individual student, but I tried to keep a very consistent lens and thematic approach to my research and reviews. Here are the factors that I always kept at the forefront of my mind:

  1. Delivery of quality content and materials
  2. Learning styles
  3. Cost and accessibility

The above factors were not stand alones. When I researched and reviewed the programs, it was a combination of the three things. I used each factor to work with and challenge each product review.

Delivery Of Quality Content and Materials

The thought here is how to differentiate between all the programs. At a basic level, each program that makes this review list fundamentally have the same or similar products such as:

  • Practice questions
  • Practice tests
  • Explanations and or guides to the practice questions and tests
  • Progress monitoring tools
  • Instructional videos and media content – not all programs have this
  • A cost that associates with a duration of access to content and materials, as well as the amount of content and materials you get

All seven programs that make this list have quality content and materials that can help prepare you for the ParaPro Assessment. What makes it quality? The content and materials has to include:

  • Instruction on the three core content areas of reading, writing, and math and the specific skills required for the ParaPro Assessment
  • Practice questions and tests that closely follow the format and delivery of the ParaPro Assessment
  • Detailed explanations of the practice questions, as well as overall instruction on how to apply the skills within the three core content areas for the ParaPro Assessment

So with the fundamentals of each program being the same or similar, how do you decide which program would be best?

The way in which a program delivers it’s content and materials to a user is a critical factor to consider.

Is the content and materials organized in some way that’s easy to use?

Can you clearly see what’s being presented to you?

You’re purchasing a product that is supposed to help you with the ParaPro Assessment. Does it actually look, feel, and function like the real thing?

Now obviously it can’t just all be about how pretty something looks. There has to be substance as well. Although aesthetics may seem superficial, combined with substance it can make a big difference in effectiveness and efficiency for a user.

Learning Styles

Understanding your own personal learning style might be the single most important question you’ll need to answer for yourself. You’ll notice that all throughout this review, I kept referring to learning style.

Challenging learning styles with delivery of content and materials is a great place to start when trying to make a decision on a preparation program.

If you learn best by watching videos and listening to someone explain concepts to you, it’s not going to be helpful if you purchase a product that is having you read the materials to learn. Don’t get me wrong, the quality of the content and materials you’re reading can be the best thing since sliced bread. But this is about how you learn best. 

Do you learn best when the task at hand is highly organized for you and laid out in front of you so you know exactly what you’re supposed to do and when to do it?

How about if you’re the type of learner that learns best when you’re able to apply the concepts you’ve digested with as many practice tests and scenarios as possible? You’re all about repetition. Rinse and repeat until mastery.

Take each of the examples above and ask yourself the opposite of each question. Maybe that better describes what type of learner you are.

I think you get the point. All these factors matter when making a decision.

Cost and Accessibility

Last but not least, we come to the factor of cost and accessibility. Cost is something that will be situational and unique to each person. What I can help you with in terms of cost is thinking of cost as value. More specifically, your ROI, or return on investment.

Think about it this way. Have you ever had a conversation with someone trying to convince you to drive an extra 15 miles down the road so you can save $0.05 a gallon on gas? Or maybe you’ve been the one to have this conversation. This isn’t a judgment or an argument about what’s better or worse. It’s more a conversation on what you value more.

Some questions you might ask yourself in the above scenario are:

  • How much money will I save if I go to the gas station an extra 15 miles down the road?
  • How much time am I spending going the extra 15 miles both ways?
  • Can I be creative and make sure I go to that gas station when I do grocery shopping at the store that’s 3 miles away from that gas station and it’s on the way home?

Okay, what’s your point?! Value is what you assign to it. Currency doesn’t always come in the form of money. It can be time, energy, focus, and in this case passing a test so you can get that job as a paraprofessional.

From a cost perspective, the question you need to answer for yourself is, what is the value that I’m trying to get and what will I need to or can I invest in order to get that value?

Cost, accessibility, and learning style all impact one another. Depending on the program, the cost is slightly different. At the extreme ends you can pay as little as $19.95 or as much as $492. On average, the cost of purchasing a program will be roughly around $60. 

Now that’s the cost. What kind of access do you get is the next question. Simple. The more you pay, or the longer you pay, you’re typically going to get more and or longer access to the content and materials. This is of course not considering the programs you would purchase as a one-time payment and you own the product.

Okay, so what does learning style have to do with any of this? A lot. You might be someone that learns best when you can focus for one hour each day. Maybe you’re a once a week for four hours straight kind of learner.

Depending on how well you can focus and digest the materials you are engaging with can determine what program to go with and the package to purchase. Let’s use an example.

Let’s say you learn best through instruction on video and listening to materials being taught to you. So you’re thinking about Mometrix. But you don’t like the idea of paying $59.99 a month for the subscription because you don’t like the pressure of knowing that each month your credit card is going to be charged. 

So you decide, okay. I’ll be really good and buy Prepterminal because that’s a one time payment of $49.90. That’s cheaper AND I get to own what I buy. You log in and get going and it hits you. I have to read EVERYTHING and learn this myself! You shut down and now it’s a complete chore to get yourself to engage. Weeks go by and you’re still on the first lesson. 

Did you really get the value you were looking for and the best return on your investment?

It’s not just learning style but it can be a life situation as well. Maybe you’re already working a job, as well as being a parent and spouse. Your current life situation only affords you so many hours a week of focus time toward studying for the ParaPro Assessment.

I can go through as many scenarios and situations as I can think of but the point is this. Your ultimate goal is to be prepared and confident going into that test so you can pass it and get on your way to becoming a paraprofessional! Think about the factors I’ve outlined and make sure you ask yourself the right questions so you make the best decision for your success.

Free Vs. Paid ParaPro Practice Tests

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about this. If you remember back to the very beginning of the article I asked the question, why pay for something when you can have it for free?

There are two simple and concrete positives to free parapro practice tests:

  1. It’s FREE. You pay ZERO money
  2. It might be all you need to be prepared for the ParaPro Assessment

What are some of the negatives to free parapro practice tests?

  • Most of the free tests on the internet are extremely low quality
  • Some of it is out-of-date. Look, whoever was nice enough to put it out there for people to have for free isn’t spending their time making sure it’s updated. It’s free, remember?!
  • Some of the free parapro tests have around 20 ads on the page that are changing every five seconds. There’s so much lag on the page my mouse was dragging across the screen!
  • There’s little to no instruction or explanation of questions, strategy, or conceptual application of skills.
  • It’s the same practice test and there’s only one
  • It’s usually not a comprehensive and complete test.

I could go on but let me cut to the chase. Here’s a list of the best free parapro practice tests that’s on the internet. It’s not surprising that half the programs on this list are free practice tests provided by the companies I reviewed above in the paid parapro practice test section. Good quality, but not enough. Makes sense. They’re a business and they’re giving you a demo of their product.

Best FREE ParaPro Practice Tests


Out of all the ParaPro Assessment practice tests and preparation programs out there, I have narrowed it down to my top 7 picks.

  1. Study.com – Most Organized Preparation Curriculum 
  2. Mometrix – Best User Experience Program
  3. Teachers Test Prep – Best for Visual and Auditory Learners
  4. Prepterminal – Best Value for Preparation Needs
  5. UGOprep – Best Preparation for Testing Environment and Conditions
  6. Educational Testing Service – Best for Lean and Minimal Preparation Needs
  7. ExamEdge – Most Practice Content and Materials

Leave a comment below or email if you have thoughts or questions about the practice tests in this article! I’d also suggest checking out this article on how to become a paraprofessional. It’ll walk you through the steps, requirements, and provide you with need to know information!

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